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Art In The Woods 


Joi De Vie

22450 Miller Bay Rd. NE, Poulsbo
p: 360-779-4700
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Mary Edwards
Semi-Precious Jewelry
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Joanne Schoener-Scott
Colorful Acrylic Paintings
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Linnea Donnen
Handwoven Textiles

Miller Bay Clubhouse

22125 Sunridge Way NE Poulsbo 98370
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Joan Wells
Paintings, Jewelry & Handbags
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Susan Norman
Oil Painting
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Pam Sanders
Polymer & Wire Jewelry
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Ashlee Reese
Watercolor & Pencil Drawings
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Tracy Harris
Jewelry Design & Mini Tapestry

Sterling Studio

19931 Indianola Rd. NE, Indianola
p: 360-204-0509
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Syndi Sterling
Paintings, Prints & Jewelry
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Melinda West
Fiberart, Basketry, Jewelry

Fern Street Pottery

20505 Fern Street Indianola 98342
p: 360-509-6598
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Meredith Chernick
Functional & Decorative Pottery

Mark Purdy Studio

6435 Columbia St., Suquamish
p: 360- 598-4068
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Mark Purdy

Rosie Creek Studio

6421 Middle St., Suquamish
p: 360-434-6449
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Lisa Salisbury
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Robert Murphy
Porcelain Sculptures
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Kuy Hepburn
Hand Blown Glass
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Venice Anne Anderson
Mixed Metal Jewelry
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Chris & Peggy Christensen
Fine Woodworking & More
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Elena Wendelyn
Sgraffito, Raku, Maiolica

Fledermaus Studio

17858 Division Ave NE Suquamish 98392
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Linda Ricci
Porcelain Pottery
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Dixie Armfield-Rogerson
Fused & Stained Glass
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Helen Hecker
Journals, Cards & Boxes
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Terry Logan
Handmade Clothing & Buttons
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Passiko True
Fun, Girlie Jewelry
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Laurie Kalesse Urbas
Urban Textile Bags
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Davell Seversen
Zaney Art on Wood

Ice House Studio

2889 NW Parris Road Poulsbo 98370 p: 360-598-5974
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Dan Ice
Acrylics, Linocuts & Jewelry

Paul Polson Studio

22545 Pioneer Way NE, Poulsbo
p: 360-394-3512
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Paul Polson
Oil & Watercolor Paintings
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Evy Olsen Halvorsen
Oil & Encaustic Paintings
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Gillian Allard
Functional Mosaics
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Susan E. Wheeler
Acrylic Painings

Woven Cedar Works

24377 NE Deerfern Dr., Poulsbo
p: 360-598-5447
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Sue Skelly
Woven Cedar & Button Jewelry
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Gail Coupal
Fused Glass & Silver
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Frank Carsey
Ceramic Sculpture
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Paula Gill
Ceramic Tiles & Woodblock Prints
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Kenneth Lundemo
Sculpture & Pottery

Gamble Creek Studio

23435 Port Gamble Rd. NE Poulsbo
p: 360-908-2314
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Laura Kemp
Water Media Paintings
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Bonnie Block
Wildlife Photography
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Robert Izzi
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Marty Whitaker
Stone & Silver Jewelry
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Diane Naab
Beads, Clay & Mixed Media

Juicy Fabric

1220 NE Gilmax Lane Poulsbo 98370
p: 360-286-1093
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Rebecca Lynn Parker
Silk & Watercolor Painting

Knowles Studio

20432 Noll Rd NE, Poulsbo
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Leigh Knowles
Printmaking & Painting
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Robin Weiss
Oil & Watercolor – Plein Aire
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Sophie Frieda
Oil Paintings
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Richard Strom
Repurposed Metal Sculptures
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Connie Castellano
Exclusive Fine Jewelry
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Ruth Maupin
Miniature Paintings
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Wanda Garrity
Functional & Alternative-Fired Clay
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Jean Claude Louis
Photography on Metal

Mud Club

21994 Seatter Rd., Kingston
p: 360-297-8510
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Sherri Underwood
Functional Pottery

Bob Wahr Creations

11152 NE Tulin Rd., Kingston p: 360-710-1250
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Craig Gurney Sr.
Whimsical/Functional Metal

Kingston Artist Tree

11264 Hwy 104, #202, Kingston p: 360-536-1725
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Melissa McCanna
Acrylic & Mixed-Media
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Haden Starbuck
Jewelry & Wearable Fiber

James S. Adams Studio

9635 Kingston Farm Rd. Kingston p: 360-297-0409
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James S. Adams
Mixed-Media & Collage
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Diane Haddon
Collage & Assemblage
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Ray Hammar
Repurposed Steel & Glass
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Deborah Milton
Imaginative Paintings & More
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Steve Parmelee

47-6-West Photography

29403 Gamble Pl NE., Kingston
p: 508-212-4049
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John Abromowski
Black & White Photography
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Cat Martinez
Oil, Watercolor & Acrylics
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Eileen Schneegas
Vitreous Enamel
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Shannon Evans
Poulsbo Arts Festival 
More coming soon.