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Leigh Knowles

#8 Knowles Studio

Born in Boston (1959) the daughter of an architect-pioneer in Passive Solar and a writerpoet-everything mom. I grew up infused with deep questions about the meaning of life.
Most of my adult career has been in pursuit of that narrative in some form. Artistic ideas
are born from a breadth and depth of experience, not as separate subjects like
science/art/history/math/religion, but one unified understanding and the effect that each
has on all.
Drawing and Printmaking became my friends while attending undergraduate studies at
USC. I had the great privilege of being mentored by Ruth Weisberg and others who
created a universe of ideas and techniques for me to explore. I have never undervalued
the effect of creative education and chose to become an educator with certain goals in
Now retired and focusing my strength as an artist-printmaker, I have acquired presses that
allow me to print on a larger scale (thanks to a CAFNW grant). Currently I am working
on a seven-panel Genesis narrative that, when complete, will become a 3’ x 21’ work.


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