Scholarship Information

Scholarship Criteria and Application Instructions:

Please read the following criteria and instructions carefully before submitting an application.

     What kind of art does CAFN fund?

            Music, Writing, Painting, Dance, Sculpture, theatre, Film and Craft.

     Application Instructions:

           Who can apply?

           The student scholarship is designed to assist students in the first through 12 grades.

           Applications are limited to students who live in Kitsap County.

           Financial limit of $1,000.00 per family per calendar year.

     Who may reapply?

           Student must reapply each year or within a year. If there is a change in instructor or area of interest they must reapply at                  that time.

           Past recipients of our grants should understand that the Foundation does not wish to become an instrument of extended or             permanent support for particular individuals.

     What can I expect if I am awarded a scholarship?

           Presentation to the Board is optional.

           The IRS requires proof of completion of the class. The check and the “proof of completion” form will be mailed to the                         parent/guardian. (The check will be made out to the teacher/school.) The teacher needs to sign off at the class’s completion              and the parent/guardian needs to mail the completed form to PO Box 291 Poulsbo, WA 98370 within 30 days of the                           completion of the class or the funds will need to be returned.

     What is the selection process?

           When the application is received the Grants/Scholarships Committee reviews the application and then presents the                           application to the Board for a vote.

The CAFN Board accepts scholarship applications at