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Grants, Scholarships, 
Sponsorships  &
Carol Wilding Scholarship

The Cultural Arts Foundation NW understands that the arts are essential to the well-being of a community. The arts give citizens a sense of place, engage and train the mind and give exposure to diverse perspectives. Because of the importance of the arts, CAFNW wishes to promote activities in these areas: music, writing, painting, sculpture, theatre, film, & dance.



Cultural Arts Foundation Northwest has established a Kitsap County scholarship program for students in grades 1-12, to help develop artistic skills, techniques and knowledge.  This scholarship may be applied toward art education, workshops, and other approved art related venues that would assist students in their individual creative development.  The Scholarship and Grant Committees evaluate each application and present the completed applications to the CAFNW Board for approval.


The Cultural Arts Foundation Northwest adult grant program assists adults 19 years and older in developing their art skills and knowledge. The adult grant may be applied toward art education, art workshops, art supplies and any other art-related avenues that would assist adults in their artistic development. This does not include Applications are limited to adults who live in Kitsap County


CAFNW is dedicated to the enhancement and encouragement of the arts in Kitsap County through arts-based organizations that provide community events.

Caro   Wilding Scholarship

Caro Wilding was an Art Teacher at North Kitsap

High School for seven years.

The Caro Wilding Art Scholarship is open to all senior Art Students at North Kitsap High School and Kingston High School. One senior from each school will receive $1,000.

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