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Part of CAFNW’s mission is to support the arts in Kitsap County. One way CAFNW does this is to provide sponsorships to eligible organizations and events to help them provide cultural offerings for the community.

CAFNW Sponsorships
CAFNW Sponsorships
CAFNW Sponsorships
CAFNW Sponsorships

Qualify & Apply

The below policy is to guide decisions about giving CAFNW monies for sponsorships.

CAFN will grant sponsorships when the following condition(s) have been met:

1. Receiving non-profit organization is based in Kitsap County or receiving event occurs in Kitsap County.

2. The organization/event supports the arts/artists in Kitsap County.

3. The amount awarded will depend upon:

  • the impact the monies will have on the organization/event (e.g., supports an award, enables the event to take place, etc)

  • the level of exposure such sponsorship will provide (e.g., CAFN contribution/logo given prominent display)

  • history of sponsorship with said organization/event

  • past history in terms of amount(s) awarded and how often

Sponsorships will be limited to no more than $2,000 yearly for annual events and $500 for repeated events in a year. Exceptions to this will be preclude further requests until said amount has been attained as if it had been done in the normal fashion (e.g. an organization/event requesting $2000 for an annual event when the limit is $1000 might be given the full amount with the understanding that they cannot apply again for 2 years).

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Sponsorships for Events and Organizations