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Part of CAFNW’s mission is to support the arts in Kitsap County. One way CAFNW does this is to provide sponsorships to eligible organizations and events to help them provide cultural offerings for the community.

Please read the following criteria and instructions carefully before submitting an application.

The financial limit is $2,000 yearly per organization

_Consciousness Revealed_ by Katherine DeBose
Kids in Concert
“Old Woman"

Sponsorships for Events and Organizations

CAFNW will award sponsorships when the following condition(s) have been met:

1. The receiving non-profit organization is based in Kitsap County or the receiving event occurs  in Kitsap County.

2. That organization or event supports the arts and artists in Kitsap County.

3. The amount awarded will depend upon:

  • the impact the award will have on the organization or event.

  • the level of exposure such sponsorship will provide (e.g., That the CAFN contribution or logo given prominent display in any marketing or advertising)

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