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Grants Information

Grant Criteria and Application Instructions:

Please read the following criteria and instructions carefully before submitting an application.

    What type of art does CAFN fund? 

    Music, Writing, Painting, Drawing, Photography, Dance, Sculpture, Theatre, Film and Craft.

    Application Instructions

     The financial limit is $1,200.00 per individual per calendar year.


    Who can apply?

  • The CAFNW adult grant program assists adults 19 years and older in developing their art skills and knowledge.

  • The adult grant may be applied toward art education, art workshops, art supplies and any other art-related                    avenues that would assist adults in their artistic development. This does not include college or school tuition.

  • Applications are limited to adults who live in Kitsap County.


    Who may re-apply?

  • Applicants may apply a maximum of $1,200 per year up to 3 years.

  • Past recipients of CAFNW grants should understand that the Foundation does not wish to become an instrument of    extended or permanent support for individuals.

    What can I expect if I am awarded a grant?

  • The recipient must give a short presentation at a CAFNW Board meeting to share how the grant impacted their art.     

  • If appropriate, a donation of the recipient’s art produced because of the grant is requested in order to raise fund for        future grants.

  • Payment will be made upon receiving original receipt of invoices.


    What is the selection process?

  • When CAFNW receives the application, the Grants and Scholarships Committee will review the request and then present to the Board for a vote.      

  • This process can take up to 2 months.

    CAFN does not fund:

  •  College or school tuition.

  •  Marketing or promotional projects.

     If you have a program or group that you would like to have funded, go to Sponsorships.



If you have any questions regarding CAFNW Sponsorship, please contact:

CAFNW Grant/Scholarship Chair

  E-mail:     Phone: 360-697-6342.

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