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Sponsorships for
Makers Faire & Poulsbo Art Festival 

Love the arts in North Kitsap? We do too!

Have you heard of the Cultural Arts Foundation Northwest? We're a non-profit based in Kitsap County, dedicated to showcasing the region's vibrant arts scene through exciting events.

For over 30 years, we've been bringing the Poulsbo Art Festival to life each August at the stunning Waterfront Park. This popular 3-day event attracts over 3,000 art enthusiasts, both locals and tourists from across the Northwest. It's been such a success; we've recently added the Makers Faire in June to our calendar!

To keep these events thriving, we need your support!

Of course, creating these events comes at a cost. To ensure a seamless experience for our guests and keep the magic alive, we rely on sponsors like you. From venue rentals to permits and parking, your sponsorship will make a big difference in creating the perfect event. By joining us, you'll be helping bring the best possible arts events to North Kitsap!

Become a partner in fostering creativity in our community. Contact us today!

Makers Faire

June 28th-30th

Poulsbo Art Festival August  16th-18th 

Level of  support

Show your support for the arts in Kitsap by sponsoring our exciting event!

In addition to the tax advantages of your donation, we'd be honored to recognize your generosity through various sponsorship levels. This includes promoting your business through advertising during CAFNW events.

By becoming a sponsor, you'll gain valuable exposure within the community while helping us achieve our mission.

Let's work together to celebrate the arts in North Kitsap!

Tier 1
$100 Donation

a) Donations $100

b) Automated email “Thank You”

c)  Listed on plaque at CAFNW booth during PMF/PAF

Tier 2
$200 Donation

a) Donations $200 and/or discounts provided to CAFNW staff & event vendors

b) Benefits of lower tier

c) Recognition on event stage during entertainment - PMF and PAF with advertisement

Tier 3
$300  Donation

a) Donations $300

b) Benefits of lower tiers

c) 12 months advertisement on www.CAFNW.ORG  sponsorship page

Tier 4
$400 Donation

a) Donations $400 and/or financial support of each event

b) Benefits of lower tiers

c) Reserved space on the waterfront park fences for promotional banners (must be provided by the sponsor)

Tier 5
$500 Donation

a) Donations $500+

b) Benefits of lower tiers

c) Advertisement space on printed flyers/save the date cards for the next years events

Sponsor donations can be made directly 
'Events Donation
or alternatively,
checks made out to: Cultural Arts Foundation Northwest.

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